APRIL 2021

Horizon Public Health is currently offering services by appointment. This will be determined by our staff and the person requesting the appointment.  It is encouraged to continue to access services virtually, online or by phone. Please call directly to your individual worker or use the numbers listed below:

For Horizon Public Health Inquiries:
Call 800.450.4177 or 320.763.6018 and select Option 5
email info@horizonph.org

For the WIC (Women, Infants and Children) Program:
Call 800.450.4177 or 320.763.6018 and select Option 2
email wic@horizonph.org    

WIC is welcoming new participants during this time.


**For current COVID-19 vaccine information, please visit the link below.**



Click Here for COVID-19 Vaccine ClinicsUpdated as of 04/16/2021

Vaccine appointments are currently available for the week of April 19th. If you are currently living or working in Horizon Public Health’s service area (Douglas, Pope, Stevens, Grant or Traverse Counties) visit the link for additional information to sign up.


If you are interested in being contacted if Horizon Public Health would have a last minute COVID-19 vaccine appointment in one of our 5 Horizon Public Health locations, please click here to be added to our last minute call list. Please note: You must be able to make it to one of our Horizon Public Health offices within 30 minutes of being called.


Click Here for the latest COVID-19 information and resources



Click here for Horizon Public Health’s Covid-19 Statistics Dashboard

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Horizon Public Health is a fully integrated local public health organization that serves the residents and communities in Douglas, Grant, Pope, Stevens and Traverse Counties. With offices located in all five counties, you will find the staff of approximately 85 individuals out in your community working with local individuals, community partners, community events, and community organizations who share a goal of promoting and improving health for all.

      APRIL 5-11, 2021

Building Bridges to Better Health

Horizon Public Health recognizes the important contributions of our staff and all public health workers during National Public Health Week.  Please join us in thanking them for the important work they do each day to help build bridges to better health in our communities.


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