About Us

Horizon Public Health is a fully integrated local public health organization that serves the residents and communities in Douglas, Grant, Pope, Stevens and Traverse Counties. With offices located in all five counties, you will find the staff of approximately 85 individuals out in your community working with local individuals, community partners, community events, and community organizations who share a goal of promoting and improving health for all. Horizon Public Health practices “Person Centered Thinking Principles” when providing services in our communities.

The mission of Horizon Public Health is to work in partnership with individuals and communities in creating an environment that promotes the health and improves the well-being of all people in Douglas, Grant, Pope, Stevens and Traverse Counties.

The Horizon Community Health Board serves as the governing entity and includes 13 members representing the five counties, with 11 elected officials and two community representatives along with a Medical Director. To learn more about the Horizon Community Health Board, including meeting dates, locations, agendas and minutes, please click here.

Ann Stehn, Public Health Administrator, along with two Assistant Administrators and five Public Health Supervisors, comprise the Administrative Team at Horizon Public Health. Together with a team of well educated, extensively trained, and highly skilled staff representing a variety of disciplines, the entire team at Horizon Public Health strives for continuous improvement and excellence in the many programs and services offered by this organization.

Horizon Public Health welcomes your thoughts and ideas about how we can best partner with you and with all of our community partners to assure that together we strive to make our communities the healthiest they can be! You can contact us at 320.763.6018 or by email at info@horizonph.org.

Ann Stehn