Vaccines are for everyone

People of all ages can be protected from disease by getting vaccinated. Vaccinations are one of the best weapons we have against a number of serious diseases. For information on when to get vaccines go to the MDH website:

The Minnesota Vaccines for Children Program (MnVFC) offers FREE or low cost shots for children 18 years of age and younger. For more information about when to get your child vaccinated go to the MDH website:

Some adults are also eligible for FREE or low costs shots. For more information about when to get your vaccinations visit the MDH website:


MIIC (Minnesota Immunization Information Connection)

MIIC is a statewide immunization information system that combines immunizations a person has received (regardless of location or clinic) into a single record, even if the shots were given by different health care providers in the state. MIIC also offers parents and individuals an easy way to keep track of immunization records for school, child care, and employment.