Air Quality

Horizon Environmental Health’s involvement with indoor air quality is limited to the investigations of complaints involving buildings with public occupancy and a potential threat to the public’s health (such as an apartment building with possible mold contamination) in all five counties (Douglas, Pope, Grant, Stevens, Traverse). In addition, Horizon Environmental Health plays an active role with the enforcement of the Smoking Ban (Freedom to Breath/Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act) in licensed establishments in Douglas and Pope Counties.

Horizon Environmental Health does not offer air testing and does not have air testing equipment available. If you own your own home and think you may have an indoor air quality issue, please visit the Minnesota Department of Health’s Air Quality section of their website.

For complaints about smoking in an establishment in Douglas or Pope County that is licensed by Horizon Environmental Health, contact us. To make a complaint about smoking in a smoking prohibited area in any other public space in Douglas, Grant, Pope, Stevens or Traverse Counties, please contact Maggie Johnson at Horizon Public Health at 320.762.3084 or