Youth Alcohol and Drug Prevention


Drug Free Communities

Drug Free Communities (DFC) is a Federal grant program that provides funding to community-based coalitions that work to prevent and reduce substance use among youth. The philosophy behind the DFC grant program is that local drug/alcohol problems require local solutions. Pope County law enforcement, public schools, businesses, youth-supporting agencies, faith communities, youth, and parents have partnered together to form ASAP (Against Substance Abuse in Pope County).

Currently, the ASAP coalition is concentrating on two substances, alcohol and marijuana use. The ASAP Coalition focuses on strategies to create a safer environment for youth and to educate the community on the risks of youth alcohol and marijuana use, using a Positive Community Norms Campaign.

The ASAP Coalition also coordinates the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) youth group at Minnewaska Area High School. This youth group focuses on empowering students to make good choices.  For more information visit our Facebook page: ASAP Coalition Against Substance Abuse in Pope or call 320.634.7822.


Planning and Implementation Grant

Built on the community shared value of health and safety of our youth, the Healthy Voices Healthy Choices Coalition is focused on helping youth reach their full potential by reducing underage alcohol use.  The Coalition honors the many students who are choosing to refrain from substance use, but is also concerned about youth who are using and the risks associated with use.

In 2016, Horizon Public Health was the recipient of a grant from the MN Department of Human Services – Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division to address underage alcohol use in the Alexandria Area.

Horizon Public Health has partnered with Alexandria Public Schools to implement this grant through community groups, student groups and implementation of a Positive Community Norms campaign.


Involvement from all sectors of the community is important to the success of this project.  We invite all community members to join the Coalition and help identify solutions to reduce underage alcohol use. Representation from the following individuals or groups would be most welcome: parents, grandparents, law enforcement, schools, business, media, law enforcement, government officials, healthcare professionals, faith based organizations, and youth-serving organizations.  If you are interested in becoming involved with the Healthy Voices Healthy Choices Coalition, please contact Katie Strickler at 320.762.2142 ext 4617 or