Restaurant/Lodging/Pool/Mobile Home Park/Recreational Camping Area/Youth Camp complaints in Douglas and Pope Counties:

Doug Breitkreutz, Registered Sanitarian
320.763.4437 Office
320.808.4289 Cell


Brandon Klein, Registered Sanitarian
320.762.2986 Office
320.808.7759 Cell


Restaurant/Lodging/Pool/Mobile Home Park/Recreational Camping Area/Youth Camp complaints in Grant, Stevens, or Traverse Counties:

Minnesota Department of Health
West Central District Office
1505 Pebble Lake Road Suite 300
Fergus Falls, MN 56537


Foodborne Illness Complaints:

Minnesota Foodborne Illness Hotline
877.366.3455 (877.FOOD ILL)


Public Health Nuisance Complaints in Douglas, Grant, Pope, Stevens and Traverse Counties:

-What is a “Public Health Nuisance”?

A public health nuisance is defined as a “source of filth, illness, or a potential situation that could cause human illness, that is found on any property affecting the health or welfare of the general public”.

Examples of a public health nuisance are rodent infestation, meth lab, garbage house, hoarding. Public health nuisance complaints can be filed by contacting:

Jessica Peterson, Public Health Supervisor
Horizon Public Health


Grocery store, convenience store, meat market/locker, bakery, winery, distillery, brewery, farmer’s market complaints:

Minnesota Department of Agriculture


Septic/sewer issue complaints (non-compliant systems, surfacing sewage, etc.):

In Douglas County:
Douglas County Land & Resource Management

In Pope County:
Land & Resource Management

In Grant County:
Land Management

In Stevens County:
Environmental Services

In Traverse County:
Land Management
320.563.8218 Extension 3