Ordinances & Policies

Following are links to our ordinances and policies.



“Horizon Environmental Health shall initially and annually license all establishments in Douglas and Pope Counties subject to licensing requirements as described in the delegation agreement between the Horizon Community Health Board and the Minnesota Department of Health. No establishment may operate without a current, valid license. Upon recommendation from the Environmental Health Advisory Committee and prior to the license renewal cycle, the Horizon Community Health Board, with the consensus of the Douglas and Pope Counties Boards of Commissioners, shall establish license fees for the next calendar year.”

Annual Establishment Licensing Policy

“Horizon Environmental Health, in accordance with the current fully executed delegation agreement with the Minnesota Department of Health, shall inspect and license regulated establishments in Douglas and Pope Counties and enforce applicable laws to ensure compliance with Minnesota Statutes, Chapters 144, 157, and 327 and Minnesota Rules, Chapters 4625, 4626, 4630, and 4717 and any successor statutes or rules under the scope of the delegation agreement.”

Inspection and Enforcement Policy