Plan Review

What is a “Plan Review”?

A plan review is the process through which all newly proposed food/beverage, lodging, mobile home park, recreational camping area, public swimming pool/spa, youth camp, and school food establishments must go through prior to being licensed. A plan review is required by Minnesota law.

Horizon Environmental Health is responsible for plan reviews of all new/remodeled establishments in our jurisdiction except for public swimming pools/spas – plan reviews for public swimming pools/spas are conducted by the Minnesota Department of Health; you can find more information at the following link:

Horizon Environmental Health must approved plans before new construction or remodeling may begin. We are responsible for determining that plans comply with applicable codes, and the standards for construction and materials. For new food/beverage construction, no food may be brought into the establishment and no food preparation may begin until plans have been reviewed, approved, and the establishment is properly licensed. Depending on the type and extent of remodeling, some remodeling projects may require the facility to close during construction. Please consult with us for guidance.

How does the plan review process work?

Plans are reviewed in the order in which they are received. Horizon Environmental Health has 30 days from receipt of your application to complete our review of plans and specifications. After our review is complete, you will be contacted with our findings and approval or denial of your plans. Starting construction prior to approval may result in costly corrections and delayed openings.

Plan Review Applications/Materials:

*If you are in need of plan review information/materials for a mobile food unit, food cart, or food stand, please contact us.



Doug Breitkreutz, Registered Sanitarian, 320.763.4437,
Brandon Klein, Registered Sanitarian, 320.762.2986,

Please call or email the sanitarians first if you are coming to the office as their jobs very rarely find them in the office.

If you cannot reach the sanitarians and need to speak to someone right away, please call Jessica Peterson, Public Health Supervisor at 320.762.2926.