Special Events Licensing

A special event food stand is a food and beverage establishment which is used in conjunction with celebrations and special events, and which operates no more than ten total days per calendar year.

Who Needs a Special Event Food Stand Permit?

Anyone providing food at events that are open to the public must obtain a Special Event Food Stand Permit, whether the food is served for free or for a charge. Exception: any event held on church property is exempt from this requirement, as long as the event is held on church property. See Exemptions for Faith-Based Organizations for more information.

How Do I Get A Special Event Food Stand Application and License?

Applications/packets are available from the Horizon Environmental Health office. Please contact us to request an application packet, or stop in to pick up an application at 809 Elm Street in Alexandria or at 211 E Minnesota Avenue in Glenwood, or you may download the application and materials from the links at the bottom of this page.

Complete the application and return along with payment to Horizon Environmental Health. We recommend the application/payment be submitted a minimum of three weeks prior to the event, but must be submitted no less than 14 days prior to the event; this allows staff time to adequately review the application and make any necessary changes well in advance of the event. If the application is submitted less than 14 days prior to the event, a late fee will be assessed in addition to the regular fee.

Special Event Food Stand Application Packet Materials:

Below are all of the materials needed to make a complete Special Event Food Stand Application packet. Please be sure to view/download/print ALL of the materials to ensure you are following the correct health protocols to keep your event safe for all attending.


Special Event Cook-Offs

A special event cook-off is a cooking competition where the contestants each prepare dishes for judging either by a select group of judges or by the general public. Cook-offs follow all special event food stand rules. Examples would be events such as a chili cook-off, wing cook-off, or rib cook-off.

For more information or to obtain a Special Event Cook-off Application, please contact us.


Special Event Recreational Camping Areas

A special event recreational camping area is defined in Minnesota Statute Chapter 327 as “a recreational camping areas which operates no more than two times annually for no more than14 consecutive days.”

Special event recreational camping areas are typically used in conjunction with events such as county fairs, flea markets, music festivals, sporting events, or other community festivals or gatherings.

For more information or to obtain a Special Event Recreational Camping Area license, please contact us.


Contact Information

Doug Breitkreutz, Registered Sanitarian, 320.763.4437, dougb@horizonph.org
Brandon Klein, Registered Sanitarian, 320.762.2986, brandonk@horizonph.org

Please call or email the sanitarians first if you are coming to the office as their jobs very rarely find them in the office.

If you cannot reach the sanitarians and need to speak to someone right away, please Jessica Peterson, Public Health Supervisor at 320.762.2926.