Assessment for Services

Horizon Public Health offers a comprehensive needs assessment, called a MN Choices, to all interested individuals, without regard to income. The assessment provides information to persons so they can learn more about what services are available in their area. The assessment normally takes place in the individual’s home with a Public Health Nurse or Social Worker. During the assessment, the assessor asks a variety of questions related to physical and mental health, safety, and ability to manage day-to-day needs. The assessor will also ask questions directed toward your specific needs, strengths and desires and will then recommend services that are appropriate along with a review of eligibility for programs that may pay for those services. The assessor will be able to answer questions and make other referrals to agencies that might also be of assistance.

If you are interested in having an assessment completed for yourself or a loved one, contact:
Horizon Public Health at 320-763-6018 Option 5.