Licensing and Consultation

Horizon Public Health is responsible for issuing licenses to and inspecting a variety of establishments in Douglas and Pope Counties including: Food & beverage establishments, lodging facilities (including private/vacation home rentals), mobile home parks, recreational camping areas, public pools and youth camps.

Horizon Public Health also licenses tobacco vendors in Douglas, Grant and Pope Counties.

If you’re a licensed child care center, education and consultation is another service offered by the Horizon Public Health team.

Tobacco Licensing
For vendors that sell
tobacco products

Food/Beverage, Pool & Lodging Licensing
Douglas and Pope Counties

Special Events Licensing
Community events serving food to the public

Private/Vacation Home Rentals
Licensing and Inspecting in Douglas County

Plan Review
New construction and remodels



Licensed establishments and
public health nuisances

Ordinances & Policies
Licensed food/beverage,
lodging, private/vacation home rentals, and pools

Child Care Center Consultation
Education and
Technical Assistance